Different Varieties of Poker

Poker is an ancient family of card games where players wagered over which hand is most powerful according to the rules of the game. There are two basic types of poker, the full ring poker and the hold em poker. The rules of each type of poker differ slightly, but both types are played with seven cards in a deck. There is currently no known exact amount that one can bet on a poker table, though opinions differ on how much is reasonable to bet on a seven card table.


In hold em poker, players use chips, usually poker chips, to represent real money. They can only use their chips in a poker game if they hold the “action” or right hand, i.e. they have the right cards to do so. Action is called betting, and the player can either call (buy) or fold; the chip that a player has in his pocket represents his stake in the game. Hold em poker usually takes place in a public room, though some versions are held in an internet server, and players may play for keeps by exchanging chips after a certain number of hands have been played.

A variation of hold em poker called stud poker is also common. Stud poker is played with three decks of cards, normally five, each player receiving two free cards, one from each of the three decks, and is played in the same way as hold em poker. The exception to the rule of holding two free cards is if a player bets more than he has in his pocket, and is dealt a new hand, usually a wild card, and is not able to remove it (it being a wild card). If, after calling, a player’s hand has become illegal, i.e. if it contains a combination of illegal cards, the dealer will usually fold rather than continue the game.