The Definition of CEME

The CEME acronym stands for Center for Emergency Medical Education. The acronym has 31 different meanings. It is a collection of terms in the field of Medicine, Technology, Meeting and Business. The definition of the word CEME can be found using a simple search engine. A brief explanation of the acronym can be found below. The following information is for educational purposes only. This is not an attempt to be a medical expert. It is simply a list of definitions of the terms used in emergency medicine.


CEME stands for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The definition of CEME is presented below in alphabetical order. If you’re in a hurry to find out more about this term, you can use the definition below as a reference. You can also download the image to print it out or share it with your friends via social media. The image can also be shared on a website for non-commercial purposes. If you’re interested in learning more about this acronym, read on.

Another helpful tool for finding the definition of CEME is the Related Terminology button. If you want to look up more meanings, you can use Google or Wikipedia. These resources are excellent for finding definitions for technical terms. For example, you can find the definition of “Computer Engineering” on the Internet. If you’re interested in learning more about this acronym, use the links below. You can print out the definition of CEME or share it with your friends on Facebook.