What Does “CEME” Mean?

When people hear the word “CEM,” one of their first assumptions may be that it means a company specializing in event planning, or perhaps a department of some sort devoted to this activity. However, the term CEME/ˈʃeˈmə/ is more than just an ordinary abbreviation used by many corporate executives and marketers. The true meaning of CEME/ˈʃeˈmə/ is managing and executing the documents, events, and communications involved in large-scale financial transactions.


It’s amazing how many individuals believe the CEME/ˈᵒmə/ acronym to be some sort of corporate catchall word that no one should bother using, but when you look deeper, you find that the actual meaning is much different. In reality, the abbreviated “CEME” is a way to honor and recognize one of the most important people in business: the event planner, or “C”, E, and M professional. It is somewhat fitting that the shortened “CE” should come from the word “concert” – in fact, it was in concert that the English language got started.

So, what does “ceme” in CEME/ˈᵒmə/ stand for? The truth is that the meaning of “ceme” is very much dependent on the situation. If an individual is planning a large event that spans many different venues, it is quite likely that she will use the term “ceme” more often than not; in fact, it has been said that a “ceme event” is synonymous with a “big bang.” Regardless of which venue or location is utilized, a CEME abbreviation can really help to save time, money, and headaches whenever possible.