What Does CEME Stand For?

CEME stands for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It is an interdisciplinary field with multiple applications. There are 42 definitions of CEME. The acronym is easily recognizable, but what does it mean? This website will explain CEME in plain language, with translations in 42 languages. The images below can be downloaded in PNG format and shared on social networks. They can also be used on websites and emails to educate other people about CEME.


The full name of the CEME acronym is Chefe Do Estado Maior Do ExeRcito. There are 31 definitions for CEME. This acronym is made up of terms that pertain to Business, Meeting, Technology, and Medicine. You can learn more about the term CEME by using our online search box. This tool is a good resource to help you learn more about this acronym and the different meanings. In addition, you can use it to find relevant articles about CEME.

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