What Does CEME Stand For?

CEME stands for Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence. The term refers to processes, materials, and training, while the acronym stands for Center for Education and Training. This acronym was first used in France and has now been adopted by several British associations and industries. Its primary focus is on research and development and includes clinical trials. The definition of CEME can be found on this site. This article will focus on what CEME means and how it can help you improve your healthcare.


The full form of CEME is Chefe Do Estado Maior do ExeRcito. The term encompasses 31 terms in the areas of Business, Technology, and Medicine. To find out more about the meaning of this acronym, visit the website. You can also look up terms related to the CEME acronym. This website provides definitions and resources related to its use. You can use the search box to find out what the acronym stands for.

A CEME website provides a list of terms and their full forms. The site also includes popular abbreviations in different fields, including computer and electronics, science, finance, and information technology. The list also features school and chemistry. Using this website, you can quickly look up the meaning of any term. You can even add additional information to any page by visiting the website. This will help you understand the terminology better and help you make the right choice when it comes to your career.