What Does the Acronym CEME Stand For in Category Community Education?

The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (Cem Engineering Ltd) is an innovative not-for-profitable skills and education organisation in the London Borough of Havering, London. The centre was launched in a partnership with the Ford Motor Company as part of the Thames Gateway development in London. This centre attracts businesses to its various exhibitions and events, conducts both basic and specialist training courses, and organises consultancy and specialised projects, such as a Fibonacci calculator exhibition. As part of this project, the centre received funding from the London Borough of Havering, and its developer has been linked with the City of London as a strategic partner.


This centre is committed to providing quality learning opportunities to young people through a range of courses and activities. These include computer science, management and leadership, information technology, environmental engineering, civil engineering, and many more. The curriculum of the CEME includes classes that teach key concepts and how to use technical language to develop understanding and solutions to current and future issues facing society. In addition, the centre offers a placement service in Havering and anywhere in London. Many of these placements are part of CEME’s portfolio projects, which are undertaken in partnership with businesses and other organisations.

To answer the question ‘what does the abbreviation CEME stand for?’ in a straightforward way, CEME stands for Computer Emphasis and Manufacturing Excellence. The abbreviation stands for Computer Emphasis or Manufacturing Excellence, depending on what the organisation is promoting and who is supplying it. For instance, a company that was promoting a new product within the financial services sector would most likely be promoting its products under the umbrella of CEME. However, if it were a hardware manufacturer, then it would most likely be promoted under the term CMME or Computer Medical Equipment. There are more examples of organisations that promote their products through the various umbrella categories that the CEME stands for; it just depends on who is providing the information.