What Is a Center for Emergency Medicine Education?

The common meaning of CEME acronym is `Center for Emergency Medicine Education’. The Center for Emergency Medicine Education, which was established by the American College of Emergency Medicine, is a collaboration of the colleges to bring education to emergency medicine professionals. It was first opened in 1993 with a main campus at University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Other major medical centers involved are University of Michigan Medical Center in Detroit, Maryland; University of Illinois at Chicago; Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia and George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C.


It is an acronymic name because it stands for `careers in emergency medicine’. As per the definition, “the term “CEME means “careers in emergency medicine”. In other words, it’s a short way of saying that those people who have gone through the training are capable of providing quality health care services. Any professional who has undergone the said training program is eligible for this certification. It is important to note that any person who wishes to become a CEME certified can do so provided that he passes all written and oral examinations pertaining to it.

Many top hospitals in the country have already started using the CMRE or Center for Emergencies Response instruction for its employees. A full form of the acronym CEME is not only available in many colleges but is also available in many websites. There are also a lot of books that have been published with the complete CEME definition and all that one needs to do is just check out his favorite bookstore or library to find them. For those who are unable to attend lectures or seminars on medical issues, many radio and television programs on the related topics also provide explanations on the same. Thus, anyone who is interested in knowing more about the same need only to get online and research for his own convenience.