What is CEME?

CEME stands for Community Education Management Exchange. This non-profit organization has a mission to improve the state of education through new techniques. It is unique in that it focuses on the needs of communities, not only schools. The organization has been active in the U.S. since 1983, when Keith McCormack developed systems of correlation to collect unprecedented knowledge about pharmacopeia. Today, CEME uses a modified version of the association rules learning algorithm to identify previously unknown relationships between product data for a licensed indication. These novel outputs may lead to increased brand awareness and sales.


CEME also addresses the needs of communities. Although our primitive ancestors were brutal to each other during the day, they tended to be close at night. While they shared body heat to stay warm during the cold winters, their closeness made it hard for them to sleep. As a result, they had to spend a good deal of time together. This means that they might have to share their body heat during the night as well.

The definition of CEME varies from field to field, but it aims to increase the quality of life of people living with chronic conditions. The process of creating new teachings based on diverse facts has proven effective in improving medical outcomes. In this context, the meaning of CEME should be well understood to improve quality of life. If you are interested in learning more about the CEME acronym, read the following article. What is CEME?