What Is the Difference Between a Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence and a Center for Entrepreneurship?

Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Research (CEME), formerly known as the Centre for Manufacturing Education Research (CMER), is an educational charity that was set up in 1998 to promote industrial innovation and technology transfer in the UK. The centre offers courses in Science of Technology Transfer, which aims to help students develop new skills and ideas based on research and evidence based teaching methods. These can be used by businesses to develop new products and techniques in areas like nanotechnology, energy, applied biology and others. This also encourages students to look at different sectors of the economy and develop skills relevant to these industries.


The current syllabus for CEME Level 3 is Introduction to Civil Engineering, which cover the wide range of topics related to civil engineering from materials science to structural engineering, and including energy efficiency. The next topics are Foundations of Civil Engineering, which gives students a good grounding in core concepts; Engineering Processes, which introduce the various engineering processes; Principles of Design and Manufacturing, which look at the principles behind the design and development of products; and Learning and Teaching Techniques, which help students learn these techniques. A final topic is Industrial Practice, which looks at the practical applications of the discipline. After this subject, students can choose which elective they want to take, which will form part of their credits.

The center for engineering and manufacturing excellence does not accept credits for earlier years’ coursework. This is because, they feel that students already have enough knowledge and experience to enable them to understand the concepts in these subjects. They do, however, recommend taking a placement year in a company of your choosing as a requirement for your entrance exam. For more information on CEME, visit the website below. Find out what the centre is all about, and what you can do if you’re a student aiming to pursue a degree in this discipline.