Why Is This Acronym Used?

It seems that the acronym CEME has been widely accepted in the business and marketing community and is now being used by everyone from teachers to MBA applicants. It is a common term in the business world and even in the government where military personnel are trained. From what I can conclude, it stands for “Certified Education Maintenance Enforcement Specialist” which is basically what the title suggests.


What exactly does it mean “C Emblem of Merit”? What does it represent “C EMP”? When was this acronyms created and how did it become such a popular shortened form? What follows is an explanation of the acronym CEME along with an example of its usage and some interesting trivia about its origin and meaning.

The acronym CEME is short for “Certified Education Maintenance Equipment Specialist”. It is also a very important acronym for anyone in the field of training, whether they are in the armed forces or not. It is a designation given to military and civilian personnel who have gone through and completed a course of training that is relevant to their career. The term ” Cheryl,” which comes from the first syllable of the word ” Cheryl”, is a shortened form of ” Cheryl Manning”, which is an executive name used by a former US Secretary of Defense, actually her former name. Following is an explanation of the various uses of the CEME and the acronyms that are related.