Why They Are Important

Centering on the innovation of molten metal technology, the company Emaar, which is based in Solenne, Switzerland develops micro-spheres to be shaped into any shape and size. These micro-spheres are then transformed into solid ceramic foils with the help of an ultrasonic process and then cooled to form micro-spheres in various shapes and sizes. Once formed they are given the names like cemen, cored plugs, polyethylene foils, polyfoils, sponges etc. The name itself defines the thickness and form of these micro-spheres.

Established in 1974, CEME has become a milestone for solenoid valves and solenoid pumps production in Italy & throughout the globe. They are employed for cooling systems, boilers, air conditioning systems, small home devices, and marine applications. As a pioneer in micro-sphere technology, they have been able to build reputation in the industry. They provide cost-effective solutions for energy savings and are excellent suppliers of quality micro-spheres and cemen products. With the latest innovations and products, they are able to cater to almost all micro-related applications.

The unique and versatile range of cemen products are well demanded by industries worldwide. They are made with high-quality materials to yield consistent and reliable performance. In fact, with so many advantages associated with them, they are becoming one of the prime choice for cemia suppliers.