Center of Excellence For Manufacturing, Conversion and Embedded Energy

The Center of Excellence for Manufacturing, Conversion and Embedded Energy (CEME) is located in Dubai. It is one of the leading design centers of the world. The main activities of this company are research and innovation in all the fields of advanced manufacturing, concept engineering, 3D printing, fabrication, electrical engineering, optical electronics, liquidonics and the mechanical sciences. These center of excellence in manufacturing is one of the largest employers of people who work in the field of engineering. As far as the projects are concerned, they are usually undertaken by offshore companies which have highly developed technological infrastructure.


There are three major divisions of the CEMS group – Systems, Components and Accessories category. The company also deals with the manufacturing of appliances, machine tools, robotic instruments, binoculars, cameras, spectacles etc. In the systems category, the products manufactured here include electronic software for complete automation of the processes. In the components category, the products include batteries, cells, switches, connectors, detectors etc.

In the accessories category, the products manufactured here include watches, sunglasses, flashlights, chargers, radios, GPS devices, cell phones and other electronic products. In the binoculars category, the products which are manufactured by the Center of Excellence are binoculars and scopes. The glasses category is handled by the Center of Excellence for Glass and Crystal category. For your convenience, if you are looking for the company’s website, then click on the links listed below.