Live Casino Gambling

Live Casino is basically playing on an online casino, similar to an actual live online casino, with the typical game board and poker chips for the games, but it also includes a live video feed to one of the live professional croupier, who also acts as he or she does in a real live casino, dealing out cards, spinning the wheels, and counting the money. There are many advantages of this type of gaming over gambling in real life. For one, you never have to leave your seat, so you can easily catch up on the action from anywhere you want. Plus, it allows you to win cash prizes which are usually much higher than those won in an internet casino.

live casino

Today, Internet video game studios like Playtech and Yahoo! Live Entertainment is releasing games that incorporate some elements of live casino gaming into their formats. The most popular is roulette, which has been around for years in online casinos but only now is seeing a major rise in popularity thanks to the addition of live casino gaming. Live roulette has been one of the hottest games among the online casino gaming crowd, so it was only a matter of time before major game studios got involved.

Roulette is a great choice because the wheel is such a familiar part of everyday life, so any players are bound to get a feel for it. After all, nearly everyone has experienced the feeling of pulling the handle of a doorknob to spin the wheel when they place their bets. It’s very likely that live casinos will introduce even more complex means of betting including baccarat and other slots. However, until these innovations do not appear, the most reliable form of gambling in terms of rewards for players is still the wheel, so this is likely to stay. A large number of players prefer roulette because it offers a chance for socializing and meeting new people, so the appearance of online gambling establishments on the scene may just be the perfect introduction to online casino gambling for players looking for a place to go to have fun with friends and have an experience similar to real life roulette gambling.